About Me

Howdy, Y’all.

So naturally, on this page, you’ll find a little bit more about me. The FullStackGeek blog is a personal blog owned and maintained by Joseph Houghes, who is just an all-around native Austin geek.

I’m currently a Solutions Architect for Veeam Software, focused on automation & integration. Throughout the last 18 years of my career, I have worked in the enterprise, financial, healthcare, vendor partner and SMB verticals. My primary focus for the day job and most of what I’ll post about will be VMware and virtualization-centric.

I’ll also be posting some more articles on technologies that I use regularly including Cisco UCS, VEEAM, EMC Storage, PowerShell, automation and any other technologies that I’m trying to learn.  There is a lot of technology that I don’t use and that I’m still learning, and I always hope this sharing the journey will encourage others to keep learning and sharing as well.

In my spare time (ha!), I am also currently a leader for both the Austin VMware User Group (@AustinVMUG) and the Austin PowerShell User Group (@ATXPowerShell).  My wife would say that I volunteer too much of my time, whether sharing with other technology geeks or just helping friends and neighbors with random home projects, but community and sharing are very important to me.

It is worth giving time to others, whether that is sharing and teaching, or just lending a hand when someone needs assistance.  We all need help sometimes, so we should be willing to lend it to others just the same.

When I’m not working the day job or working on the blog posts which take too long to post, I’m usually perusing Twitter (@jhoughes) or sitting at home with my wife and 2 boys.  I’m a bit of a homebody unless there’s a user group meeting going on, and much of my free time is spent chasing my kiddos or fulfilling the backlog of Pinterest DIY projects for my #AwesomeMom of a wife.

I hope that this blog is beneficial to you, as my primary goal is just to share something useful with others.  If you are inclined to do the same, be sure to let me know where to follow you.