Being Effective at Technical Communication - Technology Not Required

VMUG 2019 NY/NJ Usercon

The leaders of the NY/NJ VMUG chapters selected me to present to their usercon in September 2019, for a session titled “Being Effective at Technical Communication - Technology Not Required”.

This session is meant to help IT Pros more effectively deliver their presentations and messages, both within their current organizations, and throughout their careers.

Many of us focus too much on the technology which is part of our roles, and we do not give enough attention to developing soft skills such as effective communications. In practice, being effective at communicating means that you must know how to best deliver your message, in a manner that your audience can understand.

This session discussed the typical obstacles which we encounter such as non-verbal communication, personalities, emotions, background, audience focus, and developing trust.

Technical skills are rarely the block that we will encounter in delivering our message, so we discussed how to ensure we are successful in getting our message across.

This session was great fun for me, and having a presenter and attendees sitting in an end of the day session with beers always makes the presentation a bit smoother.

I’m glad to have had the opportunity to share this content with others, and I hope that the content helps others. It is posted here for public download.